Back to the World of Ultima


I am pleased to announce that after 13 years, I have decided to come back and give a refresh to some of my utilities.

Unfortunately when I wanted to update my old website, I realised that Geocities was long gone and my website with it. As a consequence all the utilities were no longer available. Thankfully the owners of a few websites managed to get some copies before the site disappeared.

I am currently in the process of moving all the information and tools that were on my old website to this new website. I will possibly be adding more technical information that I have uncovered during the development of Ultimatrix and the Savegame Editor. I will also gradually update some of the tools with improvements and bug fixes.

On this new website you will also find a forum with a section dedicated to each of the tools. Do not hesitate to post there for bugs, comments, remarks or whatever! Alternatively you can contact me via email.

Hoping to not let this site disappear as the old one did, I am back to the World of Ultima.

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