Ultima IX Extended Setup



Latest Versions

  • 30/07/2001: Version 1.0 beta 6 beta test 2 a
  • 29/07/2001: Version 1.0 beta 6 beta test 2
  • 23/02/2001 : Version 1.0 beta 5




Ultima IX has been released with many bugs, and so everybody has to tweak the ‘options.ini’ file to adjust settings in order to have an acceptable frame rate. Even with that, many people complain that Ultima IX is still quite unplayable.

Options.ini file is quite hard to look at, and there are so many settings that it’s quite difficult to find the good option quickly.
Thus I’ve decided to make an utility for editing quite easily (more user-friendly) all those settings.

And this utility, is the one you’re using at this moment: Ultima IX: Ascension Extended Setup.

I’ve called it ‘Extended Setup’ because the one which came with the game is too limited, you can’t edit many options.
But you still have to use it if you want to change your sound device and display driver.

Since beta 6 version, you can edit all keymaps commands (such as cheats, movements) stored in the ‘default.kmp’ keymap file.




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