Ultima Launcher


Latest Versions

  • 27/09/2001 : Version 1.4
  • 29/07/2001 : Version 1.3a
  • 27/07/2001 : Version 1.3
  • 23/02/2001 : Version 1.2
  • 01/12/2000 : Version 1.1
  • 16/11/2000 : Version 1.0


Available on this website soon.


Are you tired as I am of searching through your Ultima Collection CD or your Hard-drive where Ultima executable files are located ?
Me too. That’s why I’ve created this launcher. Through the interface you can easily launch any of your installed Ultima games. Simply select the path and configuration once using the selection interface, and then just double click on an icon to launch any of your favorite Ultima games!

You can also use Mo’Slo before launching your Ultima game (since v1.2).


Special thanks go to

  • Glenn Marowski for his idea for a more intuitive use of Mo’Slo in the launcher and especially for the Help File he has written (very good work) !
  • Skindogg and Natreg for their bugs report and advice.
  • Xe Dragon for allowing me to use his cloth maps.


ulaunch1 ulaunch3 ulaunch2