Latest Versions

  • 10/13/2001 : Version 0.29 alpha
  • 10/13/2000 : Version 0.28 alpha
  • 09/24/2000 : Version 0.27 alpha
  • 09/14/2000 : Version 0.26 alpha
  • 07/30/2000 : Version 0.25 alpha
  • 05/30/2000 : Version 0.2 alpha
  • 05/18/2000 : Version 0.1 alpha


Twenty years ago, I made an Ultima V Map Editor on Atari ST and so twelve years ago I decided to do the same thing on PC, because I liked this game very much.

Gradually, I transformed this Ultima V map viewer into an Ultima 1 to 6 Map Viewer. Then I decided to add some features which made it become more than a simple viewer.
But now you can immerge into Ultima worlds like a real Ultima, you can move the Avatar around the World, enter each town.
In fact I don’t know exactly what I wanted to do : an Ultima Map Editor ? an ultima Map Viewer ? much than that : act as you ‘re in a real Ultima ?
It’s also a Map printer (because you can save maps in picture format).

It became a Ultima 1 to 6 Map viewer and printer and more (?).

Features of Ultimatrix – Alpha Version 0.28 (10/13/2000)

  • Supported Ultima: Ultima 1,Ultima 2,Ultima 3, Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Ultima 6, Savage Empire, Martian Dreams
  • You can go and enter almost everywhere (all the towns are supported,dungeons) (*)
  • You can also wander in the Underworld (Ultima V) : you can access it by dungeons
  • Townsfolk management (Ultima III,IV & V modes)
  • You can enable or disable the visual management of obstacles
  • You can choose between the Global View and Ultima View Mode which looks like a real Ultima
  • Management of obstacles (on/off) : you can walk everywhere
  • Initialization file to adjust some settings in each Ultima mode
  • You can save maps in TGA format 256 colors: Computerized maps, Tiled based maps, Peer at Gem maps
  • You can make screen dumps
  • You can disable the Avatar display to see only map tiles on screen
  • Enable and disable Day-Night transition (Ultima V and VI Modes)
  • Enter, Ignite, Look, Klimb Talk, Peer at Gem keys enabled
  • Open (partially : it won’t change the tile when the door opens yet)
  • Dialogue support: Ultima 3 to 5 (buggy for U3, elementary for U5: NAME-LOOK-JOB-BYE)
  • Music support (supports Televar’s Midi Set)
  • You can change the colors of U6 and clones TGA maps by changing *.act files
  • Dungeon and Dungeon’s Room support (2D view)
  • Runic Coordinates on screen.

Next or potential improvements (in any order)

  • Dungeon with a kind of 3D view (not only 2D)
  • Elementary Battle Mode
  • Ultima 6 Map with objects on it (Soon I hope)
  • a DirectDraw or SDL based version (compatible with every video cards)


  • Windows 9x/NT (only tested on Windows 98)
  • An OpenGL Compatible Video Card


All the following screenshots were taken using Ultimatrix v0.2