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    Intrinsic Dragon

    Hey there,

    I am a massive fan of your Ultima Launcher, and have used it for many years. I started to have some ideas of how I would like it improved, and lately I started experimenting with it. I have updated a few things about it, and would like to update still others, but my experience with code is non-existent (I’m pleased I managed to even make some changes!)

    I’d like to chat with you about implementing some further changes, and maybe send you the version I have worked on. I have a dream about it being re-released as version 2.0 with all the changes implemented 🙂



    Intrinsic Dragon

    Hey Xenerkes,

    I was just wondering if you were interested in my ideas for an update with this? I can see you have replied in the other forum thread and was hoping you might get back to me on it – they’re very simple ideas.

    Thanks 🙂



    Hello Intrinsic,

    Apologies for the huge delay!

    Yes, I would be interested in the changes you’ve made and improvements you would like to add. Any idea is welcome.

    Especially since I am planning in updating the launcher over the Christmas holidays, in particular getting rid of Moslo and using paths to the GoG versions instead

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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